What are the points you keep in mind while selecting your dream home? Convenience, luxury, facilities, accessibility, and prime location are the few common points that pop-up in everyone’s mind. Like any other family, ‘opulence in every sight’ is something that many top builders of Pune, such as the Capricorn Group, believe. While our busy schedule carries us away into mundane routines, we often forget about our health. The best part about luxury apartments is their facilities and amenities. With them, compromises are kept aside and families enjoy a happy stay in their coming years ahead. Here are a few amenities that are a must-have, which would not only simulate your luxurious lifestyle but would also give you a life full of peace.

Sports Facilities

Sports are considered as the best recreational and physical activity that not only refreshes you but also helps you lead an active life. What is better than having sports facilities within your residential premises?
The Capricorn Group provides sports facilities like a jogging track, yoga zones, and a clubhouse which helps you with a balanced lifestyle. Whether you play to win or to stay fit, these facilities facilitate a blissful life.


Compact apartments, societies, and residential buildings often face the issue of hosting gatherings. Be it a society meeting or an ‘ice-breaking’ session, it is quite difficult to accommodate all the residents in one place and gain their attention at the same time. Luxury condos like Green Park by the Capricorn Group include an expansive and spacious clubhouse in their design which makes it easy to hold gatherings. The clubhouse is also perfect for indoor activities such as board games, table tennis, billiards, and more.


‘Wake up and hit the gym’ is something very ideal yet far removed from our reality. A perfect schedule where you can balance your personal and professional life is often impossible to achieve due to our hectic schedule. However, with a gym in your vicinity, leading the ultimate healthy life is a possibility! You could hit the gym as per your convenience, and not travel miles, thus maintaining your routine without a hiccup. Many top developers, such as the Capricorn Group, make sure they include all the premium facilities in their project so that the residents don’t have to take extra efforts to lead a healthy life.

Swimming Pool

A blend of recreation and exercise is what defines swimming the best. It’s an incredible joy to relax by a serene swimming pool after a day of hard work and, at the same time, work towards the betterment of your body. Water begets a sense of utmost peace, which is why it is a perfect place to spend your early mornings or late evenings.

Choose these mega-luxurious facilities that allow you to always return home to comfort. Capricorn Green Park offers you the perfect collection of these facilities that would enhance your well-being.

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