Colours have a powerful effect on our mood. Where bright colours can make us cheerful, colours like grey can make us dull and gloomy. While choosing décor for luxurious homes, like the ones provided by one of the top builders of Pune, the Capricorn Group, it is very important that you opt for the right colour, especially for your ultra-luxurious and comfortable bedroom. Hence, we bring you five colours that will make you relax better, and are a perfect choice for your bedroom, at your luxurious residence at Green Park!

Blue is considered to be the calmest colour in the colour wheel. The ganglion cells in your retina, which are responsible for sending visual messages to the brain, are very responsive to blue. Hence, the colour helps the brain reach the state of tranquillity more effectively than any other colour.

Yellow denotes warmth and comfort and, hence, is a very popular colour for bedrooms. However, be careful while choosing its tints and shades. Yellow, in its primary form, is an energetic colour and your brain will find it hard to relax in its presence. Instead, opt for a softer shade of the colour.

Green is a great colour for those who want to use any other colour instead of blue. Any colour that resembles nature will bring immense comfort visually. Again, opt for shades of green such as moss or olive against brighter shades like neon or pastel. The closer the green resembles the one found in nature, the better it is for you.

Subtle metallic tones, like silver, works wonders in inducing sleep. It is a great colour for those who prefer something less colourful. Additionally, it is also a colour that screams ‘luxury’ and, hence, will act as an enhancer for your interiors.

Orange is often touted as a colour that associates with warmth and happiness. Hence, it is no wonder that this colour is also considered to be the one relaxes a person. It also helps with digestion and soothing an upset stomach.

Whichever colour you choose, make sure that it is a flat paint instead of glossy since the latter will reflect more light.

Happy sleeping!

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