Most luxurious apartments in India are considered to have an infrastructure design that is very western or contemporary. At times, this factor brings the residents into a dilemma and they cannot choose between a luxurious Indian or western set up. Since many assume that a western model home should be decorated purely with western accessories, residents tend to give in to the contemporary culture regardless of what the purely want. While there are so many luxurious items and antiques in our country, we often tend to forget how beautifully it would accessorize our homes. With the expansive and spacious homes at Green Park by the Capricorn Group, there is so much space to accessorize your home exactly the way you want, without making it look clumped. Here are a few tricks to lighten up your home with Indian aesthetics:

Handmade Carpets & Tapestries:
India is famous for its hand-weaved carpets for ages and has a plethora of options in carpets, tapestries, and rugs. From different hues and materials to a variety of designs, there is something for everyone, hence giving you a sea full of options for your home. Unlike the carpets earlier, the modern carpets made from blended fibre suits the western structure of homes perfectly. With carpets and rugs, you can decorate your home in any way. Some cities across the county that is known for their luxurious carpets and intriguing designs are Jaipur, Kashmir, and Uttar Pradesh.

Modern Floor Covering:
In a country where a stone or marble flooring has prevailed for ages, the modern floor coverings are simply the beginning of a new era. A mindset of easy maintenance, weather balance, and budgeted pockets is what has held Indian from trying the new ways of accessorizing the floors. Therefore, from the pool of choices of modern floorings, such as wooden flooring, vinyl flooring, Astro-turf, synthetic solutions, and so many more with their parts and sub-parts, one can design their own home with the touch of Indianess.

Be it a cute animal kingdom in the kids’ room, a pop-colour section in your living room wall, a rich gold-plated wallpaper in your bedroom, or an Aztec touch to your favourite corner, there is a glut of options when it comes to wallpapers. Amongst all the different kinds of wallpaper material, Vinyl, along with PVC, is considered to be most lavish and has high resistance power.  Pure paper, fabric front, and backings are another few types of wallpapers found in the Indian market. The ultimate difference between the wallpapers and paints is that wallpapers offer over thousands of innovative designs and textures while the paints are only limited to only a few.

Antiques are the best accessory that can add a royal touch to any space. Be it your dining table or your washroom sink, your side table or windowsill, antiques don’t fail to draw attention to any corner of your home. Depending on a theme you pick, match your accessories, statues, flower pots, frames, rugs, oil lamps, etc. accordingly.

An ideal Indian touch is incomplete without a Tanjore or Madhubani art hanging on your wall. While some consider these painting as a good luck charm for new homes, many hang them simply for a supreme touch to their wall. Some may also prefer making a mini gallery by placing many such art pieces together.

With the secret tips shared by the residents of the Green Park at Kondhwa, you can easily make your home as luxurious as you always desired.

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