On 24th March 2020, the entire country was put on lockdown by the Government due to worldwide pandemic enabled by Coronavirus or COVID-19. This virus can affect in different ways, but common symptoms are – fever, tiredness, dry cough, and breathlessness. Some may also experience aches, nasal congestion, sore throat, and diarrhoea. Although it takes 5-6 days for an infected person to show the symptoms, it can even take up to 14 days. Due to the contagious nature of this virus, it is of the utmost importance that we take all the precautionary measures we can to make sure that it doesn’t infect us or others around us. Here are a few preventive measures that can help you fight against COVID-19:

Since the virus is highly contagious, it is advised by the World Health Organization and the health authorities of India to stay safe at home. Keep yourself secured abode. To avoid human contact, maintain social distancing, and dodge public places, home is the ideal place to be during this lockdown.

Social Distancing is highly recommended due to the nature of the virus. According to WHO, the exact process of transmission of the Coronavirus is yet to be determined, however, the respiratory viruses are usually transmitted through the droplets created while coughing or sneezing by the infected person. Therefore, it is advised to at least maintain a 3 feet distance to stay protected in the crowd.

We use our hands everywhere without ever knowing what kind of surfaces we are touching. Therefore, it is important to wash our hands at regular intervals. You can use soap and water, rubbing alcohol, or sanitizer.

IF SICK, SEEK HELP If you show any symptoms of the virus, rush to the nearest hospital. Do not take medication unless prescribed by the doctor. You need to follow the directions of your local health authorities.
Each one of us needs to fight against this pandemic disease and we can only do that if we follow these basic protocols. The longer we stay at home, the safer it gets for everyone.

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