Luxurious apartments, like Green Park at Kondhwa, often give us the flexibility of expansive spaces, that give us an option to decorate it the way we want. While other rooms are equally important, living room prevails since this is the very first room we encounter when we walk into any home. The top developers in Pune like the Capricorn Group design their homes keeping in mind the essence and importance of a living room which can be seen in their recent project of luxurious apartments Green Park at Kondhwa. It is the living room where your guests sit, your gatherings take place, and you undertake multiple activities, thus making it the most essential part of your home. Having said that, you must keep your living room up-to-date with the latest trends and always keep it fresh for any occasion. As colours play an important role in reflecting the mood of anything, here are a few colours which will spice up your living room:


Yellow denotes joy, and joy is an emotion you’d want your living room to exude. Opt for a mellow shade, with a tinge of orange to get a soft golden look. When accented with other bright colours like peacock blue and mint green, this colour will make your living room look perfectly lavish.


While others may presume teal to be a dull colour, it comprises of a diverse spectrum with the aquatic tones on one end and malachite and viridian on the other. Teal will give a solid background to highlight your precious antiques and showpieces. A chandelier or yellow-lamp lights would tune well with teal colour walls, giving a luxurious touch to your living room. Colours that you could opt for your furniture could vary from bright to muted, depending on how dark or light the teal is.


While some may consider it too dark for a living room, if placed strategically, black blends the best with almost every colour. This dark colour comes with its advantages such as it helps in camouflaging the architectural elements that need minimum attention. Black also gives a very modern touch to the interiors. Team it up with white-finished furniture and you have a living room that is sleek and futuristic.


Green colour signifies lushness. Corresponding to nature, the green colour gives a fresh, jovial, and peaceful feeling. Although there are a variety of greens, the most trending is the olive green in the dark base and pastel green in the light base. Both the tones hold an equal level of opulence once matched with the perfect accessories and furniture.

Our homes are the very reflection of our lifestyle and personality, and painting the interiors with your favourite colour helps in personifying it further. Paint your home with a colour that represents you the best, and watch as your entire home comes alive with just a few strokes!

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