Green Park by the Capricorn Group offer the best in-town apartments where an immense attention is given to the details, from lobby to the bathroom. Considering our love for aesthetics, we would like to share a few aesthetic-enhancing tricks to make the most neglected part of the home, bathrooms, look beautiful and luxurious.

Choose the right colours
Colours can make or break the mood and, hence, it is a very important component of decorating any space. When it comes to bathroom fixtures, like taps and shower heads, metallic colours such as rose gold or silver look very sophisticated. For overall theme of your bathroom, opt for darker colours like slate or navy to give it a royal yet simplistic touch.

Plan the lights
A proper lighting scheme can create a dramatic effect in the entire bathroom. Place lights on both sides of your mirror to get a shadow free reflection. Also, make a wise choice between white or yellow light. White light gives a squeaky-clean look, while yellow radiates a warm and comfortable feel.

Accessorize your mirror
Mirrors are accessories themselves. However, upgrading it by adding certain decorations to it can do wonders to your bathroom overall. Get some plastic ivy vines and wrap them on the corners to get a nature inspired look, attach a decorative frame to it to get a vintage feel. To add to its beauty, place some scented candles or potpourri near it. It will not only give a feel of comfort, the pleasant fragrance of it will enhance your bathroom’s ambience ten folds.

Do not ignore the windows
Most of us do not pay attention to the windows in the bathroom, but they can be as attractive as any other décor. Dress them up with fabrics to add softness to the bathroom, which usually has hard surfaces. Make sure that the material you use is resistant to moisture.

Add some fluff
Update your towels and napkins. Instead of using regular cotton ones, opt for luxurious Turkish towels. Not only do they look better, they are more absorbent than the ordinary towels. Additionally, match their accents with the colour of the bathroom décor to get a sophisticated feel.

With these tips, you can make your bathing a luxurious affair every day!

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